A/V Robot

AV Robots are 18 parts, including three heads, and made of durable PVC

Spiral Galaxy Eternal Elite


Space Pirate Red

Hollow Jack

Featuring all unique face designs, this frightful trickster has only mischief in its heart!


Aspiring hero Zedia, practitioner of the powerful "Open-Beam-Hand" robot fighting technique!


Aspiring hero Axian, practitioner of the powerful "Closed-Beam-Hand" robot fighting technique!


Ranic-Class Automated Service Device "Gardener"
Matches other "Ranic" colorways!
Just a simple robot gardener who wishes to be left alone.

The Light and The Storm
Glows Blue! Matches other blue glow in the dark colorways!
With power over ice and wind, this AI is as much capricious trickster as it is bold and bright.

Matches other Scarabite figure colorways!
Hailing from a massive city of rain-slicked streets and neon, this AI is ever drawn to games and challenges. 

AV Robot: CyberOrion

Tales From Nemo's Factory Issue 1
Story: Valerie Grue and Nemo Bluebell
Art: Ralph Niese
24 Page, Full Color Comic

All toy components are Glyos-compatible and approved by the highest authority!