Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leaps and Bounds

First of all, I'll be at Designer Con for all you Southern California fans of Glyos and it's expanded universe. Hopefully I'll see you there, at the Glyos booth!

Secondarily, the factory that produces all things Glyos-related is currently working on my Robot figure! It'll probably be a couple months or so until I have anything to release, but now we have a timeframe for that figure! The robot has been in the works for four years now, so you can imagine that it feels really nice to hand it off.
Here's another picture from that amazing True Cast Studio-
Thank you, Matt, for so much help and commitment to making this figure the best it can be! 

In other news, lately I have been creating little felt guys! You might have seen one if you've been following my exploits on facebook, but here are some pictures of others.
Fall Warrior

Mysterious Bug


Created with wire skeletons, hot glue and a bunch of felt, they are really fun to make! It's a nice feeling, in between sculpting long term projects, to build a relatively quick toy. Plus, the wire makes them extra poseable, and the felt is very durable.
I might have some of them for sale at D-Con, so check 'em out there!