Friday, November 7, 2014


As you may know, if you've checked out this post on the glyos blog, I'll be attending D-Con! I can't wait for Saturday!!
As for my D-Con offerings, I wish I could have some production robots right in hand for y'all, but it's still in the tooling process. But I will have the beautiful prototype by True Cast for everyone to check out. Come pick it up and play around with it, everyone is welcome to! I'll also have the comic for sale (art by Ralph Niese) and my strange and magical little felt creations! Here's a little preview shot of all that:
Hope I see you there! Stop by and say hi, and please check out this comic!
I'll have it up for sale online as well not long after the con.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leaps and Bounds

First of all, I'll be at Designer Con for all you Southern California fans of Glyos and it's expanded universe. Hopefully I'll see you there, at the Glyos booth!

Secondarily, the factory that produces all things Glyos-related is currently working on my Robot figure! It'll probably be a couple months or so until I have anything to release, but now we have a timeframe for that figure! The robot has been in the works for four years now, so you can imagine that it feels really nice to hand it off.
Here's another picture from that amazing True Cast Studio-
Thank you, Matt, for so much help and commitment to making this figure the best it can be! 

In other news, lately I have been creating little felt guys! You might have seen one if you've been following my exploits on facebook, but here are some pictures of others.
Fall Warrior

Mysterious Bug


Created with wire skeletons, hot glue and a bunch of felt, they are really fun to make! It's a nice feeling, in between sculpting long term projects, to build a relatively quick toy. Plus, the wire makes them extra poseable, and the felt is very durable.
I might have some of them for sale at D-Con, so check 'em out there!

Monday, August 4, 2014

More Prototype Pics! Comic for Sale Soon!

Thanks all for waiting so long! We have another preview of the comic, which will be on sale soon here on my website. We are very pleased to have a physical copy on hand, and I think those of you who purchase one will be pleased as well. Ralph's art conveyed our ideas fantastically, and I am even seeing little details now that I didn't notice the countless times I've read it before. 
I'll be attempting to keep this comic cheap at $6, and with the amount of work that my local publishers have put into it, I think its a fair price! My reason for putting out these comics in print rather than on the web is so that the artists can receive a fair wage for their work, and so that I can fund the consecutive comics as well! My dream is for this side project to gain momentum and feature new artists who might be less well-known as well as allowing us to create a fully realized universe for these toys to inhabit. 

Now, on to the prototypes!

Those are the hands of True Cast Master himself, Joshua Edwards, as he plays with a prototype. There are some surprises that he added in to the figure that boost the fun factor, but I'll leave those secret for now. I purposely left the Speaker's face blank, so that not only could it be given different tampos of speaker, but be able to have various faces applied! Instant new characters! The final speaker will have a few more details around, so it'll still look good in unpainted plastic, but I wanted the ability to customize and create new personalities easily. Let me know what you think! Does sculpted face detail outweigh the possibility of customization and painted decals?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Robot Prototypes by True Cast Studio

Marty Hansen's friends at True Cast Studio have done some amazing work to push the Robot figure along on the road to Production! Here are just a couple preview shots of the figure, taken by the indomitable creative force of Joshua Edwards! He was the main force behind doing all the work of taking the figure as I had sculpted it and making an amazing resin prototype! True Cast has worked on countless projects, such as prototyping for Neca as well as producing the awesome resin casts for the Walking Dud figure. They are masters of their craft, and seeing the rough figure I sent them become a beautiful and smooth work of craftsmanship was a dream come true.
More pictures will be coming, so keep checking back!

We are also in the process of getting the comic ready for distribution, so I hope you all are ready for that!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Moving Along!

It's been quite a while since an update here- my sincere apologies! I have been busy though.
The comic book is nearly ready to be released. This is a full color 24 page comic drawn and colored by the amazing Ralph Niese! If you don't know him already, check out his deviantart and tumblr. He does some amazing work, and I would recommend checking out his glyos comics as well. The comic was co-written by me and my amazing fantastic awe inspiring on-staff writer, Valerie Grue!
Here's a little preview:
I am also quite close to moving forward into production with the robot figure! Its been a long while, but I think I am finally satisfied with the sculpt and all the little details. Here are a little preview of that too:

I'll be updating this blog more regularly, showing more previews of the figure as well as the comic and when it will be released! You all will be able to buy a hard copy of it in the near future, I hope you're excited for it as much as I am!