Friday, November 6, 2020

Wave 8: Hollow Jack

A many-faced trickster.

Aspiring heroes.

The final Robots of 2020 are here! Thank you all to everyone who supported me throughout, the Glyos Community is wonderful and I look forward to the new year and all we will accomplish! Expect more good stuff next year.


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  2. I'm having trouble, only the Axian will add to cart, the other two, the buttons don't work.

    1. The Purple and Blue add, but the Orange send me to payal, and it don't add to cart.

    2. yeah same thing for me, hopefully it gets fixed soon

  3. A stunning surprise of new AV Robots, Hollow Jack is spot on and sort of reminds me of an inverted Original Av Bot. Zedia and Axian totally blindsided me, wow so fun to see an Av Bot to go with Glyaxia Command. Psyched to build with Zedia!