Monday, August 4, 2014

More Prototype Pics! Comic for Sale Soon!

Thanks all for waiting so long! We have another preview of the comic, which will be on sale soon here on my website. We are very pleased to have a physical copy on hand, and I think those of you who purchase one will be pleased as well. Ralph's art conveyed our ideas fantastically, and I am even seeing little details now that I didn't notice the countless times I've read it before. 
I'll be attempting to keep this comic cheap at $6, and with the amount of work that my local publishers have put into it, I think its a fair price! My reason for putting out these comics in print rather than on the web is so that the artists can receive a fair wage for their work, and so that I can fund the consecutive comics as well! My dream is for this side project to gain momentum and feature new artists who might be less well-known as well as allowing us to create a fully realized universe for these toys to inhabit. 

Now, on to the prototypes!

Those are the hands of True Cast Master himself, Joshua Edwards, as he plays with a prototype. There are some surprises that he added in to the figure that boost the fun factor, but I'll leave those secret for now. I purposely left the Speaker's face blank, so that not only could it be given different tampos of speaker, but be able to have various faces applied! Instant new characters! The final speaker will have a few more details around, so it'll still look good in unpainted plastic, but I wanted the ability to customize and create new personalities easily. Let me know what you think! Does sculpted face detail outweigh the possibility of customization and painted decals?