Thursday, December 20, 2012

King Castor Fan Art and Story!

On the october toys OMFG forum, (Here) the fan -PookeyG- has been making some awesome fantasy stat cards and storylines for the OMFG figures! He just got around to King Castor, and it looks super awesome. The story is great as well!

King Castor

Usually made from an old castle or disused brick fortress, King Castor is the final resting place for a magic user who has not lost the will to fight, only the ability.

Rudimentary steam engines are haphazardly attached to these structures to give them some mobility. After they are prepared, a disabled magic user (typically a witch or wizard who has grown too old and feeble to walk) is brought inside where they perform a last ritual in which their spirit is bound to the brick structure thereby giving it life. A face resembling the magic user emerges from the bricks outside of the area where the witch or wizard was interred.

Despite powerful engines, King Castors are always extremely slow. Their brick bodies are strong and sturdy, but also extremely heavy. Typically this is not too large of a hinderance in battle. The power of the interred witch or wizard is only amplified by the now large and more sturdy building.

Despite these stone buildings being nearly timeless (barring any outside force of destruction) they are not exactly ideal for the interred magic user. They require constant upkeep. The fires in the steam engine must be ablaze at all times. Should the fire go out, the King Castor shall be immobile and the spirit of the witch or wizard that animated it shall be trapped until the fires are re-lit. If the animated fortress can sustain a large enough crew, it can also be outfitted with cannons and other incendiaries.

Work crews responsible for upkeep typically live in the chambers inside of the King Castor.

If the structure is completely destroyed, the spirit of the magic user remains on earth until armageddon. As such, most magic users prefer death and passing in the next world. Only the most stern and vengeful opt for interring as a King Castor.

Thank you, -PookeyG-!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

WIP: Old vs. New

Here are some current pictures of what I am working on!

Currently I am making the robot nice and sharp for production. Some details were removed, others added onto, but I think the overall shape of the being is much nicer to look at.

For comparison, there is the previous version of the part.

As you can see by the other pieces lying about, all the parts of the robot are being updated.
I am trying to be a little more slow and steady on the Astronaut so that in one go it will be production-ready.
Only time and effort will tell, though!

As a bonus, here is a preview of the third robot head, as well as the third figure!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sale Here! Now!


Free OGKC with Order!

Art Card APKC2 $10
limit removed!
Free OGKC with Order!

OGKC: Original Color! $3

Orange King Castors Sale Here Tonight!

Tonight, at 9:30 PM EST I will be putting the OMFG King Castor sale here on my blog!
It will just be a few paypal buttons in a new post, accompanied by pictures.
Here are what is being offered:

APKC2: Artist-Proof
King Castor in bright Orangey Sherbert Color! $6 (3 per customer)

Art-Card APKC2: The above Castor with an original sketched art card, drawn by the artist. $12 (1 per customer)

OGKC: The original, the most gangster, the classic muscle-tone king castor at a price perfect for customizing! Order as many as you want, each at $3 (unlimited)

Some customs might appear in December, stay tuned for that!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kicks: Work in Progress

The most compliments I get on these figures are about the shoes of the robot. They are definitely unique, and convey a special love of shoes I have. Shoes are magical.
"Why" might you ask, "does a robot wear shoes?"
To look good, of course!
There might be other reasons.

The previous incarnation of the shoes left me wanting something more. They were the wrong shape, in my opinion, and the details needed sharpening.
So, without further ado, here are some in-progress shots of the new and improved shoes. The changes are small, and maybe not significant, but I hope you agree that they are improved.
A little more magical, if you will.

 As a little bonus, here is the previous-previous incarnation of the shoes. Just terrible! Bleh.
Thank goodness I improved my techniques.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Astronaut WIP 3 and Some Painting

Here we see the torso nearing some kind of basic completion. It needs more cleaning up all over the place, but its now pretty much what it will look like. The pelvis is also coming along well. You can compare it to the robot's pelvis below- they can be swapped to give characters some minor variation to distinguish one from another.

One of the reasons I made the pelvis a triple-peg piece is so people could make custom ones and cast their own. For example, if you wanted a long dress piece, you could make it to attach to the torso without having to drill holes for pegs to fit into. You could also create your own pelvis with a tail! That is the same thinking I gave to making the lower legs and feet pegged, it allows customizers to create whatever kind of feet they want.

Well, who are these friendly looking characters? Its two speaker-headed robots! On the left we see a standard robot, and to his right, some kind of shadow-universe version. Its fun, with this many panels and odds-and-ends, to decide what to paint. Such choices make each version look a lot different, as you can highlight different details.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Godbeast's Robot

Marty the Godbeast painted up his own prototype robot, and it looks great! I haven't even painted up one for myself yet, but I have the renewed desire to do so. Stay tuned for my own robot customs, and thank you, Marty!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Spaceman WIP 2

More torso shots! The one on the top has an approximation of the helmet. That thing is going to cause me a lot of trouble, I know it. Instead of being a helmet like on the OSM that pop off, I want it to be an actual "head" and insert with a peg. Then, you can take it off and put other heads on when you want the astronaut to take of their helmet! This allows any character to have an astronaut dome.
These tubes are rather difficult to get perfect. Already I see the tubes circling the central "chest-circle thing" are not even, I'll have to get back to that.
That big disc on the top is about how wide I want the helmet to be, so I'll sculpt the helmet around it when I get around to that part. Its use now is to give me a good visual queue for what the astronaut will look like wearing the helmet, for purposes of getting the proportions correct.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

WIP: The Spaceman

Here we see some in-progress pictures of the spaceman's torso.
First, I scraped down a spare robot torso to give myself enough room to sculpt new details and have the figure be relatively the same size. One difference is that I made the width of the shoulders a bit narrower for the spaceman.
Then, I went to work adding the tubes. The body is made up of tube covered areas and cloth areas.
Here is a bonus sketch of said spaceman.

Next time: More on the torso!

Friday, October 19, 2012


New York Comic-con was great. I had a wonderful time talking to all the other toy makers and collectors. As you can see from these pictures, there was a great toy presence at the con. Make sure to check out the new Armorvors this Saturday, the 20th!

Seeing all the old faces once again was gratifying, and it is nice to meet so many new fans as well! To everyone that bought a custom or a prototype, I thank you and hope you are enjoying your new toys. In the coming days I will post some sketchbook pictures as well as work in progress pictures of the robot and all new spaceman!