Sunday, December 8, 2013

Microfigure Bio: The Pilot

The Pilot is of a race called The Tinkers. They are a diminutive people who blend technology and magic to build impressive and powerful artifacts and machines. Pilots can control vehicles and robots with their special suits, which transfer their movements and commands to the machinery they plug themselves into. While some skilled pilots can control advanced and complex machinery on their own, sometimes it becomes useful for multiple pilots to share an exceptionally large or powerful device, their links able to share information between them and do complex maneuvers.
A few pilots have gained fame by piloting heroic gestalt machines- a group of pilots using their links to command the components of mighty robot fighters in unison.
Certain pilots have found the ability to steal machinery or robots by secretly linking into a port and overriding the central commands. These Pilots become pirates, guerilla fighters, or simply criminals, accounting for a steady loss of devices from the less well protected factories, mines, or government warehouses.

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