Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New Release: Arcade Quest!

 Three new robots appear! A game console robot sends out a distress signal, and adventurer Orion heeds the call. But Orion finds itself in a digital world, with a menacing presence! Will Orion discover the threat before it escapes into the real world? What of the strange dual artifacts that seem to have such power in this space?

 Check out @nemosfactory on instagram to see the story begin, and play with the toys to find out what happens!
Store Opens at 6:30pm PST!

Friday, August 24, 2018

AV Robot New Releases!

Welcome all to the fifth wave of AV Robots! We have a little bit of something for everyone this time- if you like order and reality, the silver and gold Centurion Order will treat you right. If you like chaos and beings from outside space and time, The Glowing Being will be there for you, welcoming you for fun and games.
If you like all that and more, enjoy this set of figures!
Thank you all for your continued support.
Special thanks to Mushbuh for designing with me the faces for the new glow figure! Follow at @mushbuh on instagram and twitter. Thank you!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Thank You and News!

Thank you all who bought stock of Wave 4 of the AV Robots, or who reblogged, liked, or otherwise signal boosted for me! I've been so pleased to see these sell well, and I am excited to have these friendly machines back in production.
There are plans, plans for the near future for another wave of robots! Once again we will have multiple styles, and some collaborating has been happening. Stay tuned for more news as we reveal some teasers next month.
Thanks again, y'all. I really appreciate all the love I've seen for the return of the robots. I hope you like what's coming next!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

New Release Tonight!


BiOS Allegiant - Gendrone Purple with matching silver and black applications.
Featuring TV screen tampo by Biomaster Artist Pat Bussey!

Classified Agent - Classified Black with minimal white face applications.

Thanks all who supported me so far, I'm so glad to be back after several years of hiatus! You're all responsible for my success with this figure, and I can't thank you enough. This is only the beginning of the return! Expect a lot more from Nemo's Factory as the year progresses.
See you all tonight!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Circuits and Brains: The Monitor Robot

 The mighty musical mastermind behind Circuits and Brains, Glen Schricker, has created this AV-Robot styled piece, The Monitor Robot!
We got talking this year at D-Con and thought it would be really cool to collaborate on a piece, like he did for Glyos earlier last year!
Well, I didn't have to do much. Glen was inspired, and crafted this tune that conveys the story of James in the comic! Something about those crazy electronic beats just brings out the story. I am amazed. I don't even know how music does that! 

So, take a listen! While you're at it, check out the rest of Circuits and Brains! (Especially this new track. omg.)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Drop! D-Con Assortment

Hello friends!
The newest release, first unveiled for Designer Con is now in the store! Check it out, buy some, and customize them! They are $8 each.
The muscle color that some of the glyos sister companies have united to produce for the convention is pretty excellent, and gave me the chance to avoid all paint applications in the name of homaging the original little wrestlers.

Also, I have a very very few left of the original orange figures way back from the first release back in the store. If you missed them, now's the chance to pick them up!

Anyhow, here is the store link! Enjoy!

Friday, November 13, 2015

D-Con 2015

The action-packed Designer Con is coming up next week! I'll be there, as will most of the Glyos sister-companies. Come meet me! Come meet some of my favorite people in the world!

This convention marks the first ever time I will be selling my production figures at a convention booth. It's really very exciting, and I have a couple new figures just for the occasion- crystal clear and muscle-pink! Both are fully unpainted, giving both me and you the chance to make some customs! Whether with paint, dyes, or building, these artificial intelligences in their cold, constructed bodies are just waiting for some creativity.

That brings me to my second picture, which is one of a handful of customs I'll have at the table as well. I had to take advantage of that clear plastic to make a monitor that you can stare deep into.

After I return from the convention I will put the remaining Clear and Muscle figures on here for sale, so fear not if you can't make it!

Stay creative!