Friday, November 9, 2012

Astronaut WIP 3 and Some Painting

Here we see the torso nearing some kind of basic completion. It needs more cleaning up all over the place, but its now pretty much what it will look like. The pelvis is also coming along well. You can compare it to the robot's pelvis below- they can be swapped to give characters some minor variation to distinguish one from another.

One of the reasons I made the pelvis a triple-peg piece is so people could make custom ones and cast their own. For example, if you wanted a long dress piece, you could make it to attach to the torso without having to drill holes for pegs to fit into. You could also create your own pelvis with a tail! That is the same thinking I gave to making the lower legs and feet pegged, it allows customizers to create whatever kind of feet they want.

Well, who are these friendly looking characters? Its two speaker-headed robots! On the left we see a standard robot, and to his right, some kind of shadow-universe version. Its fun, with this many panels and odds-and-ends, to decide what to paint. Such choices make each version look a lot different, as you can highlight different details.

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