Monday, October 22, 2012

Spaceman WIP 2

More torso shots! The one on the top has an approximation of the helmet. That thing is going to cause me a lot of trouble, I know it. Instead of being a helmet like on the OSM that pop off, I want it to be an actual "head" and insert with a peg. Then, you can take it off and put other heads on when you want the astronaut to take of their helmet! This allows any character to have an astronaut dome.
These tubes are rather difficult to get perfect. Already I see the tubes circling the central "chest-circle thing" are not even, I'll have to get back to that.
That big disc on the top is about how wide I want the helmet to be, so I'll sculpt the helmet around it when I get around to that part. Its use now is to give me a good visual queue for what the astronaut will look like wearing the helmet, for purposes of getting the proportions correct.

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